The annual Junior Prize-giving was held on the 26th of March to celebrate excellence in cricket.




Runner up: Mathew Bromley: Bat 11 games 176 runs AV 44 Bowl 25 overs 10w, 6 maidens 51 runs AV 2.04

Player of the season: Aiden Reyneke Bat: 9 Games 231 runs Avr 77 runs Bowl: 19 overs 7w, 3 maidens 60 runs ER 3.16


Runner up: Ethan Meiring – 22 overs 12 wicket 47 runs ER 2.14

Player of the season: Kodi Fourie- 8 games 286 runs AV 40.86.


Runner up: Marthius Van Vreden-  25 over 10 wickets 6 Maidens 51 runs ER 2.04

Player of the season: Evan Fouche-8 games 203 runs AV 40.6

Kerri Wilson Award – U12A squad 4th March

On Saturday morning 4th March 2017, we played Springs Old Boys as U12A. We had had to call up 6 boys from the U12B team to assist us with our game on Saturday. (the list of the boys is below).

As our game ended on Saturday, our boys went to line up to shake hands with the opposing team, their coach came over to Leon and the boys, congratulated us on the win, and asked if we would mind very much if he put his 12th man on for a bat. This is a new boy on their team, and he is hard of hearing.  Our boys did not hesitate, and invited the boy onto the field. Leon then informed me that they would be letting the boy have a bat, and we should keep his run tally, but not actually score.

On his first ball, he was bowled out. To which our boys responded, “Coach, please call it a no ball” and proceeded to put the bails back on the stumps, and give the boy another go. In the meantime, a group of boys had surrounded him, and were “coaching him”. Explaining where his bat should go, how he should stand, and where the ball would pitch. And our bowler proceeded to pitch it exactly where he was supposed to. Allowing the boy to make some runs, and our boys were loving every minute of this impromtu “extra” The last ball hit him on his hand, and almost instantly he had a group of our boys surrounding him, making sure he was OK, and then among themselves, decided that they didn’t want to hurt him again, and they decided it was enough.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of the boys mentioned below. They showed true passion, compassion, and caring for their fellow player, even if he was from another team.

The following boys were on our team for the day:

Alistair Coupland, Nathan Rothman, Jarod Miller, Ryan Deetlefs, Ruben Wilken, Jeff Coppin, Tyler Campling, Aiden McAllistair,

Jordan Mc Allistair, Michael Koch and Jacques Koch

Best Wicket Keeper 

  run outs stumping Catch TOTAL
Sven Clausen 5 0 2 7
Benjamin Jocks 1   4 5

Junior Player of the Year

Aiden Rayneke U8A– 9 games 231 runs AV 77 runs, Bowling 19 overs 7 wickets 3 maidens 60 runs ER 3.16.

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Junior Prize-giving 2016-17

Senior Prize-giving 2016-17