2020/2021 Season

Unprecedented times have called for a rethink by the committee on how to progress with our club cricket for the foreseeable future. On the premise that the 2020/2021 season, from a competitive league perspective, at best will be a half season beginning (hopefully) toward the back end of January 2021, we have already held a number of committee meetings to innovatively address this.

We appreciate that the uncertainty of the COVID 19 pandemic can influence many facets of our lives for the foreseeable future, so as a committee we have decided on the following course of action (at least for this season):

  1. Our members and their welfare are paramount and assistance in terms of subs for the half season have been our primary consideration
  2. Uncertainty of the immediate future has led to the decision that minimal expenses should be incurred, therefore all non-committed projects have been shelved. Furthermore, no prize giving will take place for this ‘half’ season at any level (Seniors and Juniors)
  3. As far as possible, cricket should be played within the boundaries of the pandemic protocols and where possible as many friendly matches should also be scheduled to make up for lost time out in the middle.

Based on this and the fact that we have sufficient funds in the bank as at our April 2020 Financial Year End, these funds will partially be used towards substantially reduced subs for all our existing members in good standing for this season only as follows:


  • R100 trial fees (to be paid at the trials session)
  • R400 subs No match fee


  • R500 subs R50 match fee


  • As per above +R250 club joining fee
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